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A-LIST Event Recorder
A-LIST Event Recorder features the A-LIST scheduling interface, but without the associated playback functions. It supports AV router control for scheduled input selection, and accepts analog or digital input sources.
Our 4U Precision Workstation supports up to four (4) SD & HD Input/Output channels. The standard configuration includes 2 x 2TB mirrored drives (RAID1). 3 x 2TB or 3 x 4TB drives (RAID 5) are optional configurations. Systems include a 22" monitor, keyboard, mouse and rack mount sliding shelf.
Our 5U Precision Workstation also supports up to four (4) Input/Output channels but with dual processors, additional slots, and RAID 5 with 4 x 4TB drives. All systems include a 22" monitor, keyboard, mouse and rack mount sliding shelf.
The A-LIST EVENT RECORDER uses the same simple, graphics-oriented drag-and-drop interface as the A-LIST PLAYBACK software.
The PLAYLIST TOOLS menu displays only the EVENT drag-and-drop scheduling icon, as well as the SNAP TO time function.
In our system configurations you can control a routing switcher that outputs directly to your transmitter, DTV encoder(s), or Internet streaming device … or to all of these simultaneously. A-LIST playback and recording automation software selects router sources such as playback cards, satellite receivers, and "LIVE" studios for display at the time of scheduled recordings. Multiple router control is supported.
You simply drag in a New Event, give it a Name, Start Time and Duration, and routing switcher Input name/number (if you’re using one). You can segment the files after recording. The files will be placed in the Recordings folder, and can be automatically copied to the player or a NAS. As with A-LIST playback automation, you can configure up to four (4) channels in a chassis.
You can select and PREVIEW a recorded file, and manually play the file on the PROGRAM output. Graphic overlays include two independent crawls, a bug, and an animated snipe.
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A-LIST integrates control of MATRIX ROUTING SWITCHERS to select and display the proper sources for scheduled Events.