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REMO TM  Remote Production System REMO is the portable version of VDESK, available in two useful configurations: UBEREMOTE 4 iand ISOREMOTE 8. Ideal for individuals and companies specializing in the production of video depositions, it features 4 inputs, 5 ISO records, PiP and internal file search and playback. Video Deposition Recording System TM VDEPO The camera control software embedded in VDESK and REMO, and a great complement to any software or hardware switcher. Robotic Camera & Dolly Control TM VDESK is not just another video switcher. It integrates Dynamic Auto Zoom and control of robotic cameras, dollies and other devices to put ‘cameras in motion’. Robotic Camera Production System VDESK TM
TV Production Systems
Every feature you need for 24/7 station automation, supporting SD and HD on up to FOUR independent channels, with traffic import and EAS control. Broadcast Automation TM A-LIST
Scheduled Playback and Helpful Utilities
TM A-LIST Streamster Streamster TM Incorporating A-LIST functionality, this is the “little engine that CAN” for managing and streaming your Internet TV station. Add pan/tilt control and versatility for your favorite cameras and camcorders, using either VISCA or DMX controllers. USHDOLL R Y TM ROBOTIC CAMERA PLATFORM Tiny but mighty, it runs on aluminum channel track on the floor or suspended. Go from a slow creep to walking speed,  with “studio quiet” operation.
Specialty Production
+ + 3 n 1 TM DUAL HD-SDI VIDEO CAMERA An HD PTZ with 20x or 30x lens PLUS a wide angle HD camera PLUS video tracking capability using sophisticated motion detection. Text to CG Converter Software A text editing and formatting utility that converts meeting agenda items from Word into screen-ready PNG files for display during meetings.  GENDA P REP A TM TM File Segmenting • Transcoding  Audio Normalizing Transcode video and normalize audio from 15 different file formats into MPEG-2 or H.264, and create “virtual segments” or multiple, individual files.  SEGMENT PRO TM TM Watch Product Demos and  Video Help Files on our  VIDEO TRAINING CHANNEL
ATEM Control for Micro Studio on PTX Keeping It Super Simple