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Single Sheet Single Sheet Connectivity Connectivity System Specs System Specs
How It Works
LOCKED ON is an object tracking solution that controls one or more PTZ cameras - or PTX fixtures used with your favorite camera. It uses active tags and sensors, allowing cameras to automatically follow single or multiple moving targets in dimensional space. You can even control robotic lights, tracking the same tags as the video cameras.
No Camera Operators Required!
LOCKED ON receives positioning data from single or multiple battery powered transmitters (TAGS) sending positioning data to multiple sensor cameras placed around the perimeter of the space.
The technology utilizes predictive motion and acceleration/deceleration data to emulate the camera work of skilled and well-trained camera operators. Whether you’re trying to follow a preacher, a professor, a presenter, or pro athletes, LOCKED ON provides a whole new dimension of cost-effective control and ISO recording capability.
LOCKED ON Tracking Kits support control of dozens of tags and sensors. You can add ISO recording for camera inputs, and create files which can be synchronized by time code for ease of use with post-production software such as Final Cut, Premiere and AVID.
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If you’re interested in equipping an indoor or outdoor venue to cover multiple events, we’ll assist in the design and installation process to be sure you have the proper number of appropriately positioned sensors to support the desired results.
The simplest and most common use cases are classrooms, presentations and houses of worship, where one person is frequently moving laterally in front of the audience. This requires a minimum of ONE TAG and TWO SENSORS.
Classroom • Presentation • Worship
If you’d like to follow multiple ‘targets’ in a performance, each person has their own active tag with a unique frequency ID. LOCKED ON isolates those frequencies, assigning a PTZ/PTX camera to each performer. In many cases this eliminates the need for multiple camera operators, with the option of ISO recording each performer.
Sporting Event
The system supports dozens of TAGS and SENSORS, so you can follow all the action with a camera dedicated to each athlete. It eliminates the need for dozens of camera operators, and if you wish you can ISO record each camera/tag pairing to create a rich media library of individual performances spanning years of event participation.
• 1 x TAG, 2 x SENSORS
• 1 x TAG, 3 x SENSORS
• 1-4 TAGS, 4 x SENSORS
Popular Tracking Kits
Accuracy and precison are best achieved when there are no major obstructions between the tags and the sensors. A human body can block signals, so a minimum of three anchors are ideal, especially when people are turning completely around inside the coverage area, and where multiple objects are followed by individual cameras. Each active tag supports up to eight (8) active transmitters, so you can use as many as necessary to maintain line of sight with the sensors.
3.00” x 1.5” x .6” (7.6 x 3.8 x 1.5cm) 2.7” x 2.7” x .9” (6.9 x 6.9 x 2.3cm)
• Tracking Software • Active Base Station • 1+ Active Tags • 2+ Sensors
• Active Calibration Square • Active Calibration Wand • PoE Switch
                LOCKED ON Tracking Kits include:
     Runs on Windows Devices; CAT5 cable required
The small TAG is typically placed in a pocket or affixed in various ways to people and/or other moving or stationary objects. It supports one or more body-worn emitters for use indoors or outdoors. The rechargeable battery provides several hours of continuous operation. You can track dozens of tags for iso-camera following and recording.
The SENSORS track data from the TAGs, updating hundreds of time per second. A minimum of two sensors are required to accumulate data for 3D position location. They utilize PoE technology to provide power, data and synchronization in the system.
Keeping It Super Simple