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RUSHDOLLY is tiny but mighty. It runs on aluminum channel track on the floor or suspended. Go from a slow creep to walking speed with “studio quiet” operation. It’s the newest entry in our expanding catalog of robotic interfaces and devices designed to enhance the quality of video production by a single operator.
The unit is 10” x 13” x 5” and weighs just 8 pounds. It uses a high RPM motor with gear reduction to create a lot of torque, making the unit capable of managing a considerable payload from slow to high speeds. All the critical connections are on the end of the dolly, and cable management is handled elegantly and efficiently to minimize friction and drag. It uses timing tape on the guide channels to insure a high degree of repeatable accuracy when going to presets. The camera platform can be mounted on the top or bottom of the dolly to support both floor and suspended operations.
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It’s controlled by our Ctrl+R Camera and Motion Control Software, as well as our VDESK and REMO Integrated Production Systems. It runs on one or more 8’ sections of channel aluminum track, which can be suspended or floor mounted for versatility and preset position accuracy. The control interface is similar to the Dynamic Auto Zoom setup for PTZ cameras, giving the operator precise control of start/stop positions, speed of travel, and multiple preset scripting. It can be controlled manually by a control wheel or joystick, or by the selected Auto Motion Sequence which automates the dolly travel from point to point. Use the expanded Location Presets dropdown to create your Dolly Scene Files, entering the Go To Location, At Speed value, and sequential script behavior. Save or Save As location preset files, Open or create New files or Delete files, and enter the location parameters for each preset as well as Name of the location File, which has the extension .rwloc
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