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DAYSHIFT is a versatile platform that supports three functions: recording, single file playback, and digital timeshifting. Record manually or with a scheduled start time; search for and play individual files; or start playback while the file is still encoding.
We use the Dell Precision Workstation 3620 Mid-Tower for this versatile “Swiss Army Knife” solution. The included 3-Year ProSupport Plan includes overnight parts replacement and next day, on-site service if required, so you can expect the highest level of continued support and reliability. The Decklink Duo provides one SDI input and one SDI output for the signal path.
The MPEG-2 or MP4 (H.264) recorder can be used for manual ingest from sources … and the File Browser allows you to locate and playback individual files. You can also use the one-time-only record scheduling capability even if you don’t want to schedule an automated delayed playback.
ON SCREEN DISPLAY - With many recording applications you have no on-screen indication of what you are recording. With DAYSHIFT you can see BOTH incoming and outgoing video, so you can operate with confidence.
The PREVIEW window lets you select files from the File Browser for review, with transport controls and a scrub bar for positioning anywhere in the file. Just click AUTO or TAKE and the file will begin playing on the PROGRAM output.
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