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Put your favorite camera or camcorder on our PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head and take advantage of integrated PTZ control. Use any controller that provides VISCA over IP communications.
PTX Controllers
RUSHWORKS VDESK, available in fixed installation and ruggedized remote portable configurations, include THREE powerful and versatile user interfaces, and communicate with most serial or IP controlled PTZ cameras. Or use your favorite camera or camcorder with our PTX Universal PanTilt heads. You can configure any combination of up to 12 PTZ cameras, PTX fixtures, and manned cameras that output SD/HD-SDI or HDMI. Use the included joystick to frame shots for named and saved presets.
VDESK Integrated PTZ Production Systems
CLASSIC Interface
PRODUCER Interface
TalkingPoints Interface
RUSHCONTROL Robotics Control Software
RUSHCONTROL is the camera control utility embedded in VDESK, but also available as a standalone app for use on Windows OS devices. Use this app to add sophisticated camera, RUSHDOLLY and ATEM switcher control for production systems. Name and save/recall presets using a touch screen monitor.
Blackmagic ATEM Switchers
The PTX can be controlled directly from ATEM switchers using the DB9 connector (RS-422 serial) on the rear of the chassis. The only caveat is that you need to use one of the ATEM M/E control panels that has the PTZ joystick, or one of the latest all-in-one switchers that has the built-in joystick-style control.
VISCA over IP Controllers can be used effectively with the PTX Model 3 PRO head. Use IP network control and identify each Model 3 PRO fixture by its unique address.
VISCA over IP Controllers
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Hardware PTZ Controller to PTX
ATEM to PTX with 1 or 2 M/E Panel
Computer-Based Production System
The BABYZOOMER is a small servo kit for controlling zoom and optionally focus or iris on manual (non-powered) camera lenses. It mounts on the PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head and translates VISCA commands into precision motor control for zoom lenses. The gear drive adapts to various zoom lenses from many manufacturers and supports the 8 zoom speeds available in VISCA protocol.
In addition to video cameras, the kit also provides lens control capability for a wide range of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Add pan, tilt and zoom capability for virtually any camera … with the PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head – and the BABYZOOMER lens servo kit.
(motor & rail kit for PTX PanTilt heads)
Connecting the Camera & Lens
The Model 3 PRO combines the best features of the previous models into a sleek, powerful and whisper-quiet precision robotic head that’s a great platform for any camera – from a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4k or Pocket Cinema – to the URSA and new Studio Camera 4K styles, plus other larger form factors like Canon C models, Lumix Box Cinema, Red, Arri, and the Sony FX line. We’ve focused on VISCA over IP control for compatibility with a broad range of controllers, including the versatile product line from Skaarhoj. We’re working on integrating the company’s BLUE PILL network device with the Model 3 PRO to provide VISCA lens control for a wide variety of lenses from several manufacturers. The PTX Model 3 PRO is shipping a limited number of orders in August, so we encourage you to get a request in the queue now based on anticipated demand.
Model 1 Model 2
It just adds up. High global demand for our PTX Model 1 and Model 2 heads has depleted our inventory, and with continued long delays in component supply we’ve taken this opportunity to transition to our next generation PanTilt head - the PTX Model 3 PRO. It is designed and manufactured in Texas, USA where we have complete control of all components, software and firmware, thus minimizing the impact of parts shortages and unpredictable delivery times.
1 x 4 SDI DA
ATEM 1 or 2 M/E Panel
ATEM Production Studio 4K
Manual Zoom Lens Servo Kit
Passthroughs from base to/from camera
Network Switch
Network Switch
Natural Evolution
Model 3 PRO
15” x 15” x 15” 381 x 381 x 381mm
43lbs 19.5 kg
X P T   Model 3 PRO TM
Remotely control positioning and many camera functions using a joystick and various hardware and software interfaces.
NextGen model that supports saving and recalling presets will be shipping later this year.