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RUSHDOLLY is tiny but mighty. It runs on aluminum channel track on the floor or suspended. Go from a slow creep to walking speed with “studio quiet” operation. It’s the newest entry in our expanding catalog of robotic interfaces and devices designed to enhance the quality of video production by a single operator.
The second generation design of the RUSHDOLLY is in progress in order to accommodate the larger and heavier PTX Model 3 PRO head. It will use the same stepper motors and software/firmware as the PTX, running on or beneath straight or curved speed rail dolly track. A motorized scissor pedestal mechanism will be optional. All the critical connections are on the end of the dolly, and cable management is handled elegantly and efficiently to minimize friction and drag. It uses a rotary counter on the guide wheel to insure a high degree of repeatable accuracy when going to presets.
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The RUSHDOLLY is controlled by our RUSHCONTROL Camera and Motion Control Software, as well as our VDESK Integrated Production Systems. It runs on one or more 8’ sections of channel aluminum track, which can be suspended or floor mounted for versatility and preset position accuracy. Cable management is also included. It’s controlled using VISCA over IP along with PTZ and PTX fixtures. You can set a START position along with the pan/tilt/zoom settings and save it as a Preset. And you can set a START and END position and specify the Move Speed of the dolly between the two positions, saving this as a Motion Preset. You can delay the move from the START position, and can also keep the PTZ camera ‘locked’ on the subject throughout the move by clicking the TARGET LOCK button. And you can always use the joystick for manual control at any time.
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