VDESK Video Podcaster Studio supports up to 6 NDI inputs, and simultaneously records Program and ISO inputs while streaming RTMP or HLS. It also includes a 15.6 inch touch screen monitor and joystick for PTZ camera control.
• 6 NDI inputs • ISO Capture of inputs • PTZ camera control with joystick and presets • File Browser & Playlist Creation • PRODUCER interface with unlimited presets • Video transitions: dissolve, 21 wipe patterns • Video effects: PiP, double-box shots, Chroma-key • Multi-layer graphics, CG overlay • MPEG-2, H.264 file recording and playback • Simultaneous recording and streaming • On-screen display of all input sources + PGM and PVW • Presets linked to specified lower-third graphics • “HotShot” auto-take preset to Program
The VDESK Video Podcaster is designed specifically for podcasting configurations which are typically staged in small rooms or areas of a room. The tiny footprint of the computer - just 7” x 7” x 2.75” - makes it a silent partner in the room. It incorporates the latest generation of processors, with solid state drives (SSD) for reliability, super-fast boot and rich-media management.
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It supports up to 6 NDI inputs from cameras or other computer sources and includes a 15.6” touch screen. All the components can be consolidated to one ruggedized transportation case if you need portability for remote podcast hosting. Record and stream simultaneously, outputting RTMP or HLS stream formats.
Each system includes at least one portable 15.6” touch screen monitor, customized keyboard, mouse and 6-button Hall-effect joystick.
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• Custom Foam-Cut Travel Cases
(Joystick not included with international shipments)
The VDESK Video Podcaster system offers several options for configuring your system.
1 -4 HD NDI PTZ Cameras with PoE for simple CAT5 connectivity
DMX console controls up to 16 DMX lights with multiple scene store and recall
TALK-TAKE Active Microphone Switching System (eliminates need for operator camera switching)
8-input audio mixer with “mix minus” for managing remote callers (includes two podcasting microphones, stands and headphones)
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